My date suggested heading to an open mic night in the East Village. I hardly ever leave midtown to venture downtown past 34th street (for those non-New Yorkers, this is the home of Macy’s), but this seemed like a lot of fun, so why not,So there I was in a sparkly black top, my brand new shiny metallic skirt from Kenneth Cole,Michael Kors Outlet and my favorite never let me down Michael Kors booties. We got to the open mic night and not only was I overdressed (this seems to be a pattern lately – that and being 5 minutes late!) but this was very different than what I expected. I like to keep an open mind and am usually up for trying something new, so I gave it a shot.

A few hours before our date he sent me a text telling me that he would be dressed casual. I thought that meant that he was wearing jeans, a button down shirt and loafers. I took that into consideration as I picked out my outfit. I chose my favorite American Eagle skinny jeans (casual) and a white denim jacket (also casual). I decided to wear Michael Kors sandals with a small wedge (sort of casual – plus you can never go wrong with MK!) To complete this look I threw on a black sequin tank top (not casual but super cute, sparkles make me happy and guys in NYC always love sequins!)A very cute guy wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, a t-shirt and sneakers greeted me at the bar. I never care about what guys wear but at this point I’m feeling quite overdressed (and really out of place –wishing that I had left my glittery top at home).Michael Kors Bags He immediately noticed and said Michael Kors Outlet that he recommended that I dressed casual (our definitions of “casual” were quite different!) I tried to forget about my glittery top Michael Kors Handbags and pretended that I was wearing my workout clothes (it would have been a lot more comfy than squeezing into my skinny jeans!) Unfortunately, there was more chemistry over the phone than during our date. It turned out that the only thing we had in common was our east coast roots.

must admit that my first impressions of the fedora were 100% wrong. Although, I love hats, I am not a hat person – I never find them flattering and always skip the hat section in any department store.Michael Kors Handbags Waste of time I would say! For years I watched others wear the trendy fedora, loving the look, but refusing to try one on.A year ago I had a coupon ($10 off of any item) at Loehmann’s and decided to check it out. After browsing the entire store and finding nothing with a “wow factor” I decided to try the accessories section. I love Michael Kors Bags sunglasses but didn’t need a new pair. Next to the glasses was the dreaded hat section. Dare I look? I did! I couldn’t help myself. All of a sudden I saw this amazing black fedora with studs on the rim (simple I am not!) I decided to try it on. My excuse was that my coupon was expiring by midnight and I should not let it go to waste. It was the perfect fit. I’ll take it! I guess my first impression of the fedora was wrong since I left the store wearing my new hat!Michael Kors Outlet It is the perfect dress for fundraisers, house parties and dinner parties. It is a great dress for Saturday night dates (just not a first or second date). Pleather is a hot trend now and it is the perfect dress to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. The best part about this dress is that it never seems to go out of style!For over three years, roughly 90% of my clothes, shoes, and boots have come from designer resale or consignment stores. I’m proud of the clothing and jewelry wardrobe I’ve accumulated over the past four years and I derive daily pleasure from pieces for which I paid 60-80% of retail.

Some think fashion is shallow and that women who care about their appearance are materialistic, superficial, and even morally inferior to women who pay no attention to what they wear or even how they look. To this, I can only quote Annette Bening’s comeback to Harvey Keitel in the Barry Levinson masterpiece, Bugsy: Looks matter if it matters how you look. It’s a brilliant (not to mention chiastic) line because on the one hand, it’s a tautology and on the other, it communicates a deeper truth about the relation between exterior and interior. Keitel (Mickey Cohen) has just told Bening (Virginia Hill) that “looks don’t matter when there’s money coming in.”But looks matter. A lot. Most women feel happier when they look their best.Michael Kors Outlet In the workplace, a well-dressed, tastefully accessorized woman exudes confidence and power. And no amount of Second Wave feminist blathering about objectification will ever alter the fact that a woman is judged by her appearance more than a man is.Lest any of my devoted Facebook friends and readers object–”What are you talking about?! You wear your boyfriend’s PJs with a t-shirt and leather jacket or non-matching fleece sweatshirt and banged-up Thierry Rabotin orthopedic wedges around Santa Barbara!”–I readily admit that unless I’m going out to dinner or to the symphony, I’m a slob. But that’s because Santa Barbara is an expensive, socially bizarre big college town (which thinks it’s a small city) populated by broke students, surfers, vegetarians, laborers, yoga people, unfashionable/plain suburban moms and wealthy Michael Kors Handbags retirees. (Two guesses about which of the above dresses best.) Few towns or cities I’ve visited better exemplify the sad truth of America’s shrinking middle class than Santa Barbara.